Saint-Petersburg State Marine Technical University
Science & Technology Society of Shipbuilders of the Russian Federation


International Conference on Marine Robotics in Ocean Exploration, 9-11 October 2017, St-Petersburg, Russia
  1. Marine robots (underwater, surface, air-water)
    Concepts, design, configurations
    Autonomous, remotely controlled, tethered
    With engine, gravitational, on renewable energy
  2. Subsystems of marine robots
    Sources of energy
    Strength & materials
    Maneuvering, control, positioning
    Navigation systems
  3. Application of marine robots
    As agents of marine robotic systems
    Underwater welding and cutting
    Tracking of pipelines, cables and fish shoals
    Offshore exploration and extraction of resources
    Underwater research
    Environmental monitoring
    Marine safety and salvage operations
    Recreation and tourism
  1. Underwater acoustics and communication
    Seabed mapping
    Underwater navigation
    Use of sonars and visualization
    Data and communication management
  2. Mathematical modeling and simulation
Abstract submission – 1 June, 2017
Paper acceptance notification – 15 June, 2017
Full paper submission– 10 September, 2017
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